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Keep up with the Trend

As all of us know by now that people rather watch a video than reading a blog or book. The trend these days has change from being a Blogger to being a Vlogger. In essence that means that videography has become more popular during the last few years.

You will find more video adds than still adds on the internet, for the same reason, people became to lazy to read. So in order for us to keep up with the current trends, we had to jump on the band wagon, and invest in videography. This only puts your business out there, and companies and people can see that your company is versatile.

This where many questions arose. What is the best video camera for what application and job? Choices, choices and choices… The market is packed with state of the art equipment, let alone all the accessories that goes with the camera. We did a lot of research, and check our target market, to determine what equipment will suit our needs.

Tips & Tricks

In this section we want to make it easy for our followers that might be in the same predicament of making choices. We will add some video’s that assisted us in making choices, and teaching us the basics of videography.

Factors to consider when buying a video camera

Best Camcorders for 2018

Affordable 4K video cameras

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