Life is like a Camera
you focus on
what's important
capture the good times
develop from the negatives
and if things don't work out...
take another shot!

Firstly, About Us

Ok, let me introduce the workforce of this company and tell you more about us. We are Dirk and Riana, form Kimberley in South Africa. Both of us are avid photographers and videographers.

We met in the early 2000’s, and fell in love as the time passes by. Got married in 2004 and have two amazing kids.

We first started out as photographers during 2003, when we bought our first Sony F828 digital cameras. It was amazing to have all that power in one camera. This was where the photography bug got hold of us.

By then we were both employed by the South African Police Service, and only did photography as a hobby. We did a few weddings of friends and family, and spend most of our time on personal projects in order to build portfolio. Me working as an electronic engineer and Riana as a procurement clerk, we were pretty done in the afternoons when we got home.

Our first studio

We converted our dining room in to a studio, by hanging thick curtains in front of the window, and hanging different pieces of material in front of the curtains to form the background. Many portraits were shot in the home studio. We made use of two camera flashes as serve as studio lights. It was not perfect but it worked. It just became a bit heavy on the batteries. We had to buy a set of AA batteries for every shoot.

The studio was very cramped and we could not fit more than three people in there. At times it became a problem, but we worked around that to make the most of what we have. Soon we realised that we had to make a choice. We need a bigger studio!

Our Photography Business

Decisions, decisions, decisions… We had to decide if this hobby must become a full time business, or just remains a hobby. Since we saw the potential of this photography business, and the clientele that build over the few year, we decided to to register a business. This was the birth of “Jacobs Photography”.

During 2007 Riana quit her 9 to 5 job to pursue this new venture. We then converted the garage into a studio. It was kitted with proper lighting and backdrops, there were storage and office space.

This was the beginning of the bigger picture that was to come. Jacobs Photography became a household name in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

PIX24 Media

After a few years and thousands of images later, we saw a gap in the media market for media coverage. we got bombarded with requests for media coverage on special events. These photos were supplied to bigger media houses in South Africa for distribution to the general media. So we decided that instead of covering events for other media houses, lets cover the events and make the photos available to the local media for publishing.

So PIX24 Media started out as a division of Jacobs Photography, and still is. With feature images in newspapers and magazines all over South Africa makes this the company that you need to market your company, business or social media.

As the years progressed PIX24 Media invested in video equipment to keep up with the market trends. nowadays companies rely on video footage for marketing. The three minute marketing videos or clips became more popular on all social media platforms, and therefore PIX24 Media had to follow the trends. We are geared to compile the future marketing clip for your company. If you want more information please feel free to contact us.

PIX24 Media has successfully worked with many major companies in South Africa. If they could trust us for their event and marketing media, there is no reason that any other company can’t.