How to get your website listed on Google

September 6, 2018
September 6, 2018 admin

how to get your website listed on googleHow to get your Website listed on Google

Let me tell you!

Every Tom, Dick & Harry thinks that having web presence is getting your website listed on Google. Wait, wait, not so easy!

If you were struggling like we did in the beginning, you know that having web presence is not automatically getting you listed on Google. There is a lot of work that needs to go into that website to get you noticed.

By reading this, you are probably struggling with the same issues we did in the beginning. That’s why you reading this, right.

Let me share what I’ve learned to you, and this will put you up there on Google.

First Things First.

You have to remember that Google is not the internet. If your website doesn’t show up on Google, doesn’t mean its not on the internet. Google is just a Search Engine, like Yahoo, Bing and many more. So if you want to know if your site is on the internet, you can check it by searching your site Replace the “” with whatever your domain is, and hit ENTER. If it shows up, your website is on the internet.

Now you can go to, and search your site. If it shows up, you’re sorted, if not… well let’s give it google.

If your website is not listed, submit it here: It will take 1 or 2 weeks for Google to visit and index your website. Therefore, have a look ever so often and see if you are part of the Google family.

Now for the real stuff.


Google will only display web pages that are relevant to the keyword searched. Therefore, make sure that your web page has keywords relevant to the content of the page. You can’t have a keyword relevant to “travel”, but your page is about sell cars. It will not be displayed by Google, believe me! So, get your keywords to match your page content.

Now that the keywords are sorted out, you can go do a search on Google and see where it’s ranked. It might not show up on page 1 or page 2, but you might find it much further down the line. Ok, you’re not happy to find it between page 25 and 106, right?

how to get your website listed on google

Getting on Google’s front page:

You want to be the badass and be on the first page, nothing else!

There’s two ways to get on the first page of google:

1. Google Ads:

Yes, this is the easiest and the fastest way to get you to page 1 of Google. This might also be the most expensive way to get there, well, it’s gonna cost you money!

You can register with GoogleAds and choose you’re keyword(s) and bid on them. Every time someone clicks on you’re Ad, you pay an amount.

This is a very good way of driving traffic to you’re website, but remember, it’s costly.

2. Work your way up:

There’s always a hard way!

This is the one most people, small and large businesses use to get on page 1 of Google. Now this is where you start doing time. It’s a time consuming, hard learning and well rewarding way to get your website on that first page.

Besides that, the most important aspect of having your website reaching the first page, is to optimise it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the tool that is used to increase your page ranking. SEO Plug-ins are readily available, and can be of great help.

The other very important factor is your content. The content must be of high quality in order for google the recognise its value.

There is a few very important rule to follow to get to your goal. Now, I’m not going to copy & paste all the information here, nor am I going to try and explain all that jargon here. I will, however, show you my secret on what I use to get my websites to where I want them.

This is the rules and regulations set out by the masters themselves. Google has rules and if we stick to it, well think for yourself. So if you want all to reach your goal you must adhere to the Webmaster Quality Guidelines.


It might just be a good thing to accept that the work will never be done. There is always, and I mean, always, things to change, things to add, and you have to keep up with the trends.

Hope this was helpful.

Please leave a comment below. I’dd like to read your opinion. If you have more tips and tricks, let us now.


how to get your website listed on google

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