Scania Trucks - Douglas

March 31, 2018 admin

Scania Trucks

Noordkaap Landboudienste – Douglas

We received a call from Leon Kriel, sales executive of Scania South Africa, to submit a quote to photograph two new Scania trucks in Douglas.

All went well, and Leon made an appointment with me to photograph the two imported trucks, when they get delivered on the Friday afternoon. He had a few great photography ideas with the trucks in the lush green lucern fields.

On the bespoke Friday, Leon called to reschedule the time for later the Friday afternoon, since they were having some difficulties with the delivery of the trucks to Douglas. Later that Friday he called again, and we made an appointment for the Saturday morning at the Douglas golf course, since the trucks were only arriving late Friday night.

Early Saturday morning I departed for Douglas which is a mere 100km from Kimberley. On arrival I saw quite a few Scania trucks, parked around the golf course. A phone call had to be made to Leon urgently, to confirm which two trucks need to be photographed. He explain that it is the two new red ones. One was parked next to the entrance to the golf course, and the other one was parked next to a green.

Eventually Leon arrived, since he was running around for the Scania Golf Day in Douglas. He introduced me to Schalk Germishuys, the owner of the two new Scania trucks. Schalk is a young man in a wheelchair with a awesome personality. Schalk organised everything for me. He frequently asked how I want the trucks to be parked, and he organised it. He endured the mid day summer sun, just to see that the photographer was ok.

It was an absolute pleasure to capture these massive trucks.

Thanks to the guys from Scania South Africa, for entrusting your imagery on us. We appreciate the relations that was build through this photoshoot.

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